Electrochemical deposition (ECD) of metals is an important step in semiconductor wafer processing. It is widely used in silicon and compound semiconductor device manufacture and in packaging applications. Typical metals used for electrical connections are Cu, Au, Ni, Sn and SnAg.

Picofluidics offers automated ECD tooling which can process wafers, up to 300mm, for pilot production or R&D applications.

Key features include compact design and low volumes of chemicals to meet advanced process requirements.

Life Sciences. 

Microfluidic manipulation of fluids can be used in many Life Science applications where small volumes of fluids need to be processed within a microreactor.

The typical benefits are:- highly efficient use of fluids - little waste; continuous or digital flow control of fluids; increased reaction rates due to thermal & diffusion mechanisms.

Picofluidics offers both automated microreactors and custom manually operated microreactors for R&D applications.

Key features include application-specific reactor design, material compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and automated process sequencing.

Contract or Collaborative R&D/Consultancy.

We are available to carry out contract or collaborative Research & Development projects in our areas of expertise. We have particular interest in 3-D IC / packaging and complex emulsion applications.