The Picofluidics CDF-Electrochemical Deposition (ECD) system is capable of depositing conventional ECD metallisation at low cost while requiring a small footprint due to the low volume cell design.

Substrates, once placed on a wafer-loading robot, are under PC control until the process cycle is completed.

The system supports multi-step recipes and utilizes maintenance routines to ensure reproducible process performance. All monitored process variables such as current, voltage, time, temperature etc. are data-logged to aid development or fault finding activities.

Wafer sizes up to 300mm can be processed while wafer pieces can be supported through the use of carrier wafers.

 Features Benefits    
Process wafer pieces to full wafers (300mm) with no           hardware changes. Process development can be carried out on pieces and rapidly transferred to full wafers.
 Small volume process chamber. Low chemical usage and storage. Small footprint.
 Process fluids can be stored in the system. Small footprint. Simple installation.
 Automated process control with multi-step recipes and data-logging. Reproducible process performance.

Process Capabilities: 3-D packaging applications. Eg. High aspect ratio Cu TSV fill, RDL etc.