Picofluidics Limited can provide a complete microfluidic system to meet many development or pilot production applications. The system comprises of two key components, namely the fluid control system and the customer-specific microfluidic device module.

The fluid control system automatically controls and monitors the flow of up to 4 fluids to the device module through standard PTFE tubing (typically 1/8" OD).

The device module contains the microfluidic components required to meet the application specification. All of the fluid-wetted surfaces in this module are constructed using fluorinated polymers. Picofluidics Limited designs and fabricates the device module using proprietary technology. By using fluorinated polymers for all of the fluid-wetted surfaces, we can fabricate arrays of channels/devices to meet a customer's fluid control requirements. We use a 3-D polymer module arrangement which allows the user to maintain visual access, if required, to the critical fluid control areas.

We can provide a large degree of integration into each device module. When necessary, for test/development purposes, we can produce single device modules. Aspects of device performance can be verified by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations prior to device realization.


 Features  Benefits
 Small volume (customer specific) microfluidic reactor.             Tight control of output from the reactor. eg emulsion C.V of ~2%
 Self contained system. Small footprint and simple installation.
 Fully automated process control Reproducible process performance with service routines and data-logging.