9th December 2010.
Picofluidics presented a paper titled “Large scale parallelization of microfluidic devices in a 3-D fluorinated polymer platform” at the 2nd European Conference on Microfluidics mFlu'10, December 8-10th in Toulouse, France, 2010.

1st December 2011.
A consortium of industry and academic partners including Picofluidics Limited commenced work on a EU FP7 project - Nano-Electrospun Filter for Efficient Liberation & Encapsulation of acticides for water treatment in transportation applications” (NEFELE).

10th December 2014.
After successfully completing an Innovate UK Technology Inspired Feasibility Study on the electrochemical deposition of copper into 3D vertical inter-chip connects, Picofluidics Limited was invited to present its’ “High deposition rate superfill copper” project outcomes at the 2014 Collaboration Nation event in London.

1st October 2017.
Picofluidics Limited and Coventry University commenced work on an Innovate UK supported project "Surface engineering and coating of polymer templates for metal microneedle array fabrication" on 1st October 2017. The project was funded as part of Innovate UK's Surface Engineering and Coating Technologies for High-Value Manufacturing theme and aims to develop radical new ways of fabricating low cost metal microneedles for healthcare applications.